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Boston Celtics Brandon Bass Is Still A Better Fit Than Glen Davis

Boston Celtics forward Brandon Bass and Orlando Magic forward Glen Davis will always be linked due to the offseason swap between the two. During the regular season it was clear to many that Boston got themselves a steal in Bass as he was the consummate professional that consistently performed. Davis on the other hand was immature and inconsistent just like he was in Boston. However, the NBA playoffs are underway and Davis and Bass have seemed to flip flop as far as play. Davis carried Orlando on his back during his series against Indiana while Bass has struggled. Many are now rethinking their stance on this trade. The fact is nobody should be rethinking Boston getting the better end of this deal because Bass is a better player for Boston than Davis.

The fact is people look at stats and do not bother to try to explain them. Davis is averaging over twenty points and ten rebounds and looks like picked up his game. However, looks are very deceiving. Davis is being asked to play the Dwight Howard role and has a touch on every single possession. He gets to jack up twenty plus shots and in the paint he is the only guy for Orlando going for the ball against an Indiana team that is not rebounding like it did during the regular season. Of course Davis is going to get stats in this role. Granted I understand not everyone can perform on that stage, but really what is the pressure? Dwight Howard’s injury ended the Magic season in many people’s minds. Davis was playing with house money and his team was eliminated in five games despite having home court advantage.

Bass on the other hand has struggled, but the struggles are easily explained. Bass has a tough matchup for him with Josh Smith or Al Horford. Their size and athleticism make Bass’s top job trying to stop them. His offense is going to struggle much the same way Pierce’s does at times covering LeBron James in Miami. As far as his shot not falling or passing up open shots that looks like it has gotten a lot better as this series has gone on. Bass jacked up ten shots and recorded 14 points last night. However, can anyone blame Bass for deferring to Paul Pierce, Kg, or Rondo the way that they have been playing? Bass is also dependent on Rondo for help creating his shot and Rondo missed a game.

I will not even get into the whole team chemistry issue between the two. Davis wanted to start over the guy that is the teams leader and was vocal about it. Bass will play in any role Doc wants and give it his best. That fact alone tells me Bass is worth his weight in gold. Davis may have better stats, but I will take Bass any day over him. I believe Bass will have bigger games as the match ups get better like in Miami and then people in Boston will go back to extolling the virtues of this trade. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!