Nuggets Use Laptop in Timeout to Take Down Lakers

By Derek Kessinger

It turns out the key to cracking the Lakers was just the click of a mouse away. According to the L.A. Times, the Lakers are claiming that a Denver Nuggets Assistant Coach used a laptop during a 20 second time out with 20 seconds to play. The brilliant journalist who wrote the article could not identify which coach it was, but just that such action carries a 250,000-dollar fine.

The Lakers do not take losing well. If their players truly believe that they lost because someone was checking their Facebook behind the bench then this series is lost. Maybe they should watch Javale McGee dominate them with another monster dunk. McGee had 21 points and 14 rebounds. I’m sure there’s a highlight reel they can watch.

If all it takes to beat the Lakers is a 250,000-dollar fine then the Nuggets should bring every electronic device they can find. Several Nuggets admitted that it was actually Andrew Bynum’s comment that, “Closeout games are relatively easy,” that fueled strong energy early. Of course, Bynum says he did his part, despite shooting just eight shots. Kobe Bryant’s 43 were a little more what the Lakers needed, but with their bench being outscored 50-20, the reserve power was not there.

The Nuggets have actually been the better team for a large part of the series. Despite being down 3-2 they were also the better team in game four that they lost. Game two was a split between the two teams, but the Lakers dominated game one.

The series will head back to Denver where Bynum really did not want to venture. All of the pressure is now on the Lakers as a loss would force a game seven elimination back at the Staples Center. If this team is on a two game losing streak, tensions will be very high among the stars.

If the best excuse for the Lakers loss is that an assistant coach may or may not have been using a laptop then this franchise is more lost than they seemed early in the series. When is comes to computing power George Karl already has a lot more stored up than Lakers’ coach Mike Brown.

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