Denver Police Raid Chris "Birdman" Andersen's Home as Part of Criminal Investigation

By Kris Hughes

UPDATE: The Denver ABC affiliate noted that they were told by local law enforcement that “that the case involves child pornography.”

News agencies around the Denver, Colorado area are buzzing this afternoon with news that the home of Denver Nuggets forward Chris Andersen has been raided by local police as part of a criminal investigation.

The investigation is alleged to be a part of an Internet criminal case, which began with a referral from law enforcement in California earlier this year. The specific unit investigating the case is the Internet Crimes Against Children unit, which suggests a very unfortunate possible scenario that could unwind in the near future.

While few other details are known, Denver news affiliates have noted that Chris Andersen was a part of practice with the Nuggets this morning and has not yet been arrested.

If police action escalates this afternoon dependent upon what was found in Andersen’s home, it would be a big blow to the Nuggets who depend on the “Birdman” for his grit, tenacity, tough defense and ability to grab key rebounds on both ends of the floor.

More importantly, however, it could be a shocking discovery about a man so beloved by fans in the Mile High City, and one who has been so vocal about his desire to clean up his life after a very rough stretch with drugs and alcohol while living in Texas during his late adolescence and early adulthood.

It’s further proof that we never really know what people are doing behind closed doors in spite of the perception they so carefully craft for public consumption.

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