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No Kobe Bryant Suspension, Despite Blow to Faried’s Head

All of the Lakers’ apologists cannot accept the fact that a team with no identifiable superstar has the ability to force seven games against the royalty of the NBA. The “Kobe Bryant was sick” chants that are ringing through La-La Land are a discredit to his 31 point performance and the rest of the Lakers inability to focus. Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and the rest of the non-Bryant Lakers stood around and were outworked by Ty Lawson and the Nuggets. The biggest apology needs to come for Bryant’s blow to the head.

As Kenneth Faried went up for a lay-up early in the third quarter, when the game in Denver was still close, Kobe Bryant smacked him on the side of the head so hard that Faried hit the floor at parallel angle. Bryant was issued only a flagrant foul, which meant that it was not reviewed by the referees at the time. With the silence from the commissioner’s office, Bryant will escape unscathed.

Let’s operate for a minute on the assumption that Faried was the Nuggets best player last night. While Ty Lawson led the team in scoring, it was Faried’s energy, coupled with Corey Brewer, which pushed the Nuggets out of reach. With Faried labeled as a star would the NBA have to deal with the Kobe Bryant issue? By raising this question I’m saying that Kobe Bryant is out of reach from David Stern. He could have seriously injured Faried, but will go unpunished into game seven.

David Stern is soft on the Lakers. Despite spurring the biggest disgrace to the NBA with a brawl when he was with the Pacers, Ron Artest, who provides Stern with nothing but Metta World Peace, will return for game seven. World Peace will change the dynamic of the Lakers at their biggest moment of chaos since the Zen Master left the last time. Of course, if Stern did the right thing Lakers’ apologists would have the best excuse for losing this series. No Bryant in game seven.

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