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Rumor: Chris Andersen Was An Extortion Target

Just yesterday, a story broke that the home of Denver Nuggets forward Chris Andersen had been raided by authorities from the Douglas County Sherrifs’ Office.

This afternoon, rumors have surfaced Andersen may not in fact be the suspect in the pending criminal investigation, but instead, the victim.

A major Colorado newspaper reports Andersen may indeed be a victim of extortion from a female admirer to whom he did not return passes at a relationship. According to Andersen’s legal team, this female fan allegedly sent Andersen numerous letters and pictures during 2010, sparking his interest.

The two communicated during 2011, and the female visited Andersen in Denver to prove she was 21 years old. As time passed, the female became upset at Andersen’s lack of interest in her, and threatened retaliation without providing any specific details.

According to the newspaper report, an individual posing as the woman’s mother soon thereafter sent Andersen a list of items she expected to be paid for by Andersen to avoid consequences.

Could it be certain questionable items in this case were in fact planted in Andersen’s home as part of this extortion plot?

It appears this case has taken an interesting turn, either way, and we’re certain to see some very interesting details unfold over the course of the weekend and going into next week.

As the old cliche goes, never assume you know the story until both sides are told.

This “other” side may completely change the face of Chris Andersen’s reputation which has taken a direct hit over the past 24 hours.

Or, it may not.

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