Lionel Hollins Should Be Fired After Costing The Memphis Grizzlies Game 7

By Riley Schmitt

Lionel Hollins basically cost the Memphis Grizzlies Game 7 of their epic series against the Los Angeles Clippers and because of this, he should be fired.  I have never seen a coach screw up his rotations so many times in crunch time.

In both Game 5 and 7, the Grizzlies fans were chanting for him to put a starter back in.  In Game 7, Hollins took Zach Randolph out for about six minutes for no reason whatsoever.  In a turn of events that everyone could see a mile away, LA suddenly started getting offensive rebounds and pulling away from Memphis.  It was absurd to watch and it had to be even more painful for the Memphis faithful.

Hollins has a history of stupid rotations like this in the playoffs.  You have to stick with what has got you there.  Ride your starters until the bitter end, unless they are playing just awful.  There is no way that Z-Bo should be sitting in the fourth quarter of a Game 7.  No reason whatsoever.  He locks down rebounds and is one of your best offensive players.  That means you should definitely put him on the bench.

If you love watching poorly coached games, this was the series for you.  Vinny Del Negro and Hollins are just two guys that do not understand how to run the end of a game.  Del Negro has to be the absolute worst coach in the NBA, but he consistently gets teamed up with superstars.  It is absurd.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.  He thinks he can coach better than Lionel Hollins, so why not give him a shot?


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