Boston Celtics Doc RIvers Gives Boston An Edge

By Rob Nelson

The final moments game one of the NBA Eastern Conference Semi Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers revealed that the Boston Celtics have a guy that gives them a serious edge in this series. Boston head coach Doc Rivers made his presence felt and out coached counter part Doug Collins during the pivotal final seconds of the game and secured Boston a much needed win.

The final seconds of this game showed the difference between a very good NBA coach and a great coach. The first mistake Collins made is that he failed to call timeout after Philly secured Paul Pierce’s miss in the final seconds. This bled precious time off the clock in a very tight game. After Rajon Rondo waited for Jrue Holiday to get past half court he wisely fouled him up three points to force only a two shot free throw trip for Holiday. Collins then made a crucial error and elected to have him make the second free throw to cut the lead to one instead of trying to miss and gain a rebound against a terrible rebounding Celtics team for a chance to tie or win the game.

During the timeout Doc Rivers showed just how brilliant a coach he is with a tremendous play drawn on up to secure the win. The 76ers thought inside the box and thought that the Celtics would look to get the ball into Ray Allen or Paul Pierce to try to get one of those two to the line to give Boston a three point advantage again. They guarded them like they were forcing the ball out of their hands. Collins wanted the ball to get to the foul line troubled Rajon Rondo.

The only problem was Doc was thinking outside the box. Doc had the inbounds get thrown to the guy that Philly wanted to get the ball in that situation past the half court line to one Rajon Rondo in stride. Rondo sprinted to the ball as a helpless Philly defender tried to recover from leaving Rondo to double team. He chased Rondo, but could not foul him before time expired. Doc had out maneuvered Collins in the pivotal final moments.

Coaching in the playoffs can win or lose a game. A great coach can steal aright game going d own to the wire by making the right calls. Doc has proven that he makes the right calls and wins games by making those right calls. Game one was just another example of this great play calling. Boston has been given credit for having the advantage in a lot of areas in this series, but perhaps the largest is coaching. If coaching decides this series then Boston will be advancing. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!

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