Chris Bosh Out Indefinitely With Abdominal Strain; Could The Indiana Pacers Steal The Series

By Riley Schmitt

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With Chris Bosh being ruled out indefinitely after a MRI revealed that the Miami Heat forward suffered an abdominal strain in their Game 1 win over the Indiana Pacers, Heat fans have plenty of reason to get a bit worried.

Although they should be the favorites to still make the NBA Finals, losing Bosh will hurt.  Without Bosh, Miami’s front court is even worse than it should.  It is a mix and match bag with no real good parts.  There is no offensive threat in the bunch, which means LeBron James will probably have to play the 4 more than the 3.

This gives the Pacers a chance to steal the series from the Heat.  They match up well on the inside, due to their overwhelming size.  If they are able to steal Game 2 in Miami, they open it up to make a run to the Eastern Conference Finals.  They just can not get beat on the offensive glass again like they did in Game 1.

If the Pacers can beat the Heat, it will show that this is a season where health was the premium over talent.  The Chicago Bulls dipped out early due to a mounting of injuries.  The same thing could happen to the Heat.  It would be a shame to see the top two teams in the East go out to injuries, but that is what happens when you have a compacted season.  Weird things tend to happen.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.  After writing this post, he came down with a case of carpel tunnel.

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