Kobe Bryant: Why the Free Pass in LA?

By Paul Hazard

Los Angeles has always been a Lakers town and because LA is a Lakers town, Kobe Bryant is a God.

How do I know that Kobe is a God?

Does anyone in LA talk about “that incident” in Eagle, Colorado?  You “could” bring it up, but no one in LA would acknowledge you.  You would be shunned like a girl at prom with a spotty Syracuse Orange spray tan.

Kobe is untouchable.  Kobe is the greatest Lakers of All-Time (gag…Magic is, but that’s another article)

When Kobe pushed Shaq out, it was time for The Diesel to go.

When Kobe wanted to be traded, its was the Lakers fault for not surrounding him with the right pieces.

When Kobe drove out Phil Jackson, the Zen Master just needed some time on his motorcycle.

Its always, “Kobe Kobe Kobe!”  It is always about Kobe!

Apparently, if you have 5 rings in LA, you are untouchable.

The Lakers have always won.  The Expectations have always been there.  Kobe quickly grew up as he battled playoff air-balls, arrogance and his general aloofness.  Yet through it all, LA has always had his back.  While Kobe has hurt them numerous times, the fans have always taken him back, regardless of the pain he inflicted.  Kobe is LA.  LA accepts Kobe’s flaws because they acknowledge that we all have flaws.  We all make mistakes and like Kobe, we all deep down want to be forgiven without “asking for forgiveness”.  LA loves Kobe because he doesn’t need “us” but we need “him”.  Besides, Kobe has 5 rings, and when you win, your flaws can’t be that bad right?

LA wants to forgive Kobe for being Kobe because LA Lakers fans have to win.  The fans excuse Kobe’s baggage because Kobe does everything in his power to win.  Bottomline.

When Kobe pined for Odom and Fisher, it was because Odom and DFish would still help the Lakers.  Kobe isn’t throwing management under the bus, he just wants them to realize how desperately he wants to win.

When Kobe shoots 3-21 from the field or needs 32 shots to score 29 points, its not because Kobe is selfish, its because Kobe knows what he needs to do for the Lakers to winWe need to get Kobe more help!

Now “Kobe’s Team”is matched up with a far superior team (based on Game 1, yes, a FAR SUPERIOR TEAM!).  Maybe Kobe can help them win a game or two, but to take 4 games from the Thunder in this series…that’s a tall task.  But one thing is certain, no matter what happens in this series,

Kobe will walk out unscathed.  Kobe will walk out the victim.  Los Angeles will move on to trying to get Mike Brown fired.

Kobe will undoubtedly walk out, symbolically,  alone.

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