Another Game, Another LeBron James Choke In The Clutch In The Playoffs

By Riley Schmitt

LeBron James is by far the best player in the NBA.  However, he has a nasty habit of failing to come through in the clutch and those moments were on display when the Miami Heat took on the Indiana Pacers Tuesday night.  With a chance to give the Heat the lead with under a minute to go, LeBron bricked two free throws.

The Heat got the ball back down two with a chance to tie.  Once again, it featured a LeBron James choke as he wanted no part of the possession.  He did his best impression of hot potato as he kept shuffling the ball out of his hands.  For all of the great moments that Bron has, he has ones like this where he looks like a complete joke.

LeBron has had clutch moments in the past, but they are often overshadowed by moments like this.  The Heat are injured, but they still should beat the Pacers.  Come on, the Pacers really do not match up with the Heat.  The Heat should have no trouble holding serve at home.  Too bad they dropped Game 2 and they just nuked their home court advantage.

If Miami wants to make a run to the title, LeBron has to figure these issues out soon.  You can not play games with the best player in the league afraid to play in the clutch.  It will lead to an early exit for Miami.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.  He enjoys making LeBron James choke jokes, even though he understands how great he is.

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