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Boston Celtics Ex Player Brian Scalabrine Makes Game 2 Appearance

The Boston Celtics fan base have long been known to give their former players quite the ovation should they decide to grace the Boston Garden with their presence. Usually the Garden has hall of famers like Bill Russell, John Havlicek, Jo Jo White, Dave Cowens, and Tommy Heinsohn making their presence felt. Last night during gmae two of the NBA Eastern Conference Semi Finals an ex Celtic got quite the ovation from the Garden faithful. His name rained down from the heavens as it was chanted louder and louder every time he was showed on the Jumbo Tron. That man like those greats does have a ring, but his role was not quite as impact full as the previously mentioned HOFers. The man is of course is Brian Scalabrine.

The warm memories surrounding the 2008 “Human Victory Cigar” that was Brian Scalabrine are still burning bright as his name was serenaded the moment his red haired face hit the screen. Scal played it up and made a gesture like he was going to remove his sport coat and step on the floor. This sent the Garden crowd into a frenzy.

Those that do not understand the cult status of Scal in Boston just need to know that his funny personality endeared him to the fans. The fact that he was the guy that was put in once Boston had the game won also helps. People also appreciate the fact his teammates loved him. His former Celtics teammates felt he was another coach on the sideline and played hard in practice.

A cult hero is a guy that fans love for whatever reason. He makes them smile due to some warm memories they associate with them. Brian Scalabrine is that guy in Boston. He has been seen now in two straight games in Boston. I hope he is somehow looking for a job on Doc Rivers coaching staff. The warm memories then will come more often. However, even if he is just taking in the game, something tells me fans will be seeing more of Scal one way or another. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!