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NBA San Antonio Spurs

Kid Gets In Trouble For Getting Matt Bonner Cut Into Hair

Matt Bonner is a beloved member of the San Antonio Spurs, thanks to his timely shooting and the fact he looks like the common man.  One young fan apparently loves Bonner so much that he got the Spurs forward’s likeness cut into his hair.  Unfortunately, it has gotten him in a bit of trouble.

Here’s my thing about this.  One, who in the right mind decides to get Matt Bonner cut in their hair?  The Spurs have so many pieces to pick from and you pick Matt Bonner?  Maybe it was due to the similar hair color but who knows?

Number two, who in the heck decides that the kid should get in trouble for this?  People in school used to get stuff cut into their hair all the time and I do not remember people getting in trouble for it.  It is Matt Bonner for crying out loud.  It is not like it is a gang sign or anything awful.  It is just a backup forward on a good basketball team.  Nothing evil about that.

The whole story about the trouble is not out yet but I bet that it is fairly stupid.  I can not believe that the kid got in any trouble at all.  He should be commended for loving his team and Matt Bonner.  On a team with numerous Hall of Famers, you go with the backup guy on the bench.  Major ups to this kid.  Keep fighting the good fight.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.