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Orlando Magic: Stan Van Gundy, Otis Smith, To Be Fired In The Next Few Days

When Dwight Howard signed a one year opt in with the Orlando Magic this past season, during the NBA trade whirlwind, it seemed as though all the troubles and worries for Magic head Stan Van Gundy, and GM Otis Smith were over, it turns out they were not. News once again leaked in early April that Howardis disgusted with the Magic, including their front office, and wants out of Orlando. Once this news hit VanGundy, and Smith had to know that it was only a matter of time until they were both gone.

News has leaked that the Magic have already begun to look for a new general manager and that Smith will be fired in a few days, presumably along with head coach Stan Van Gundy. As for Howard, the star is apparently very upset with the Magic and wants out. At this point the Magic’s approach is to clean house and begin all over again. Former New York Knicks general manager Donnie Walsh, and Indiana Pacers general manager David Morway  are two names to keep an eye on for the new Magic position.

As for Van Gundy, and who his replacement will be, it is unclear now who the Magic are targeting. Van Gundy is a very good coach and I’m not too certain that there are a lot of great upgrades out there. One name who will be floatedaround quite heavily after the presumed firing of Van Gundy, is former Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson. Members close to Howard’s camp have made it known that Howard would love Jackson in Orlando, and it just may be the sort of thing that will keep him from jumping ship.

Jackson wants back into the NBA and bringing him in could be the only logical option for the Magic to keep Howard, and keep him happy. Whoever is brought in to take over this seemingly sinking ship will more than likely do everything in their power to lure Jackson to Orlando, that is if he’s even interested in Orlando. It seems as though Howard’s heart is not in Orlando, and I think, regardless of coach, he simply wants out to start fresh somewhere else.