San Antonio Spurs Win Game 1 Over Los Angeles Clippers: Breakdown

The San Antonio Spurs keeps proving to the doubters that they are not going to go away. The Spurs came out and put an exhibition against the Los Angeles Clippers, dominating the game in every facet. Offensive, defensively, the banged up Clippers had zero chance of taking down this determined Spurs squad. Here are my five reasons the Spurs won.

#5 Tim Duncan Dominates - Blake who? Sure, Blake Griffin had his highlight dunks, but was constantly taken to school by the older, wiser Duncan to the tune of 26 points on 12 for 20 shooting. Griffin didn’t have an answer defensively for Duncan, and neither did Kenyon Martin when he was on the floor. Duncan also out-rebounded Griffin, and nearly out-rebounded Griffin and Martin combined.

#4 – Shooting The 3 Ball - San Antonio tied a team playoff record with 13 three pointers against the Clippers on 25 shots. The Clippers made just 9, which means the Spurs scored an extra 12 points from deep. That could be a huge statistic in this series. The Clippers have to force the Spurs to take long two’s instead of three’s.

#3 Rebounding - If there’s one thing the young Clippers should learn, it’s that they have to rebound. You can’t expect win a game when your opponent pulls down 11 offensive rebounds, and 47 overall to your just 8 and 34. The Spurs had two players, Tim Duncan and Boris Diaw, in double digit rebounds, compared to zero for the Clippers.

#2 Passing - San Antonio is a penetrate and kick team. The Spurs were moving the ball so crisply last night that, at times, it looked as if the Clippers defense were lost. They had no idea who had the ball or where he was going with it. Multiple times the Spurs found wide open 3 point shooters who buried them. The Spurs racked up 29 assists on 39 field goals, while the Clippers had 19 on 37.

#1 Spurs Attack - The Spurs were going at the rim and drawing fouls on a plethora of the Clippers in the lane. The Spurs also drew them out of the lane with wide open three point shooters. Whatever they did, they got to the lane and drew 21 fouls on the Clippers, which resulted in 21 free throw attempts to just 13 for the Clips. LA is going to need to get more attempts at the charity line if they want to keep this close.

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