Short Term Memory Makes Dwyane Wade a Hypocrite

By Kris Hughes

The Indiana Pacers shook the NBA world last night, pulling off an unpredictable 78-75 win over the Miami Heat on their home floor to even the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals at 1-1.

A young team with a general lack of playoff experience, the Pacers celebrated their victory on the Heat’s home court following the final buzzer. Heat guard Dwyane Wade took offense to this, and took the opportunity to condemn the Pacers for celebrating in several media outlets over the course of the past few days.

The Pacers were jumping up and down on the court, generally enjoying the fact they pulled off a huge win– and in reality, the celebration didn’t last all that long and was reined in by veteran leader David West:

This celebration is hardly as demonstrative as the Heat’s famous propensity to celebrate without any just cause. The examples are numerous, and I won’t really bother you with specifics, but let’s just say that Wade complaining about a few guys jumping up and down right after a win isn’t exactly reasonable.

In fact, it comes off as hypocritical.

As far as I can tell, the Pacers haven’t promised they will win the next 7, 8, or 9 NBA championships, or celebrate like the following after a game-winner:

Maybe before Dwyane Wade wants to preach to all of us about post-game decorum he should take a quick look in the mirror.

It’s easy to call someone out for behavior if you have a higher ground to stand on, in this case Wade does not and should really leave it alone and concentrate on basketball.

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