Dwyane Wade Is Costing The Miami Heat Their Series Against The Indiana Pacers

By Riley Schmitt

Dwyane Wade is a great NBA player for the Miami Heat.  However, something went terribly wrong during Game 3 against the Indiana Pacers.  Dwyane Wade looked disengaged and played some of the worst basketball of his career.  In fact, Wade was seen during one timeout yelling at his coach Erik Spoelstra.  Wade finished the game with five points on 2 of 13 shooting, plus five turnovers in 33 minutes of game time.  What happened to Dwyane Wade?


My first thought while watching this was that Wade is hurt.  Dwyane Wade is known for having injuries but no one reported an injury.  That is the only reason that I could think of for him playing so bad.  He barely attempted to play defense against Paul George.  It was quite an interesting sight to see.

My second thought was that Wade spent most of the second half sulking.  He was struggling and then started to act out because of it.  Instead of helping his team, he hurt it.  Wade spent a lot of the second half trying to get as far away from the basketball as humanly possible.  He forced some stupid shots and spent a lot of time just dribbling around.  The last thing he wanted to do was hold onto the ball.

The blow up with Coach Spo is what bothered me the most.  I mean, I have the feeling that Dwyane Wade does not respect Spolestra.  That does not give you free reign to yell at the coach.  I would be that Wade was getting yelled at for poor defensive rotations.  I watched Dwyane Wade play.  His rotations were non-existent and at best, they were lackadaisical.

You know how to fix the Dwyane Wade problem?  Trade him in the offseason.  If you take him out of the equation and add a good center, the Heat will win titles.  It is clearly LeBron’s team.  LeBron may choke, but Wade has been slowly regressing to nothingness.  You hand the keys over to LeBron and the Heat will being their title run.  It can’t happen if Dwyane Wade is sulking in the background.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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