Lance Stephenson Gives LeBron James Choke Sign After A Missed Free Throw

By Riley Schmitt

Lance Stephenson of the Indiana Pacers might be angering the wrong guy.  After LeBron James of the Miami Heat missed a free throw, Stephenson gave LeBron the choke sign.  I am not sure that is the guy that you want to anger.

First off, Lance Stephenson doesn’t even play.  If you are a bench player, you should cheer on your teammates and nothing else.  You should not talk crap to the best player in the league.  Do the Pacers want an angry and motivated LeBron to come after them?  Um, probably not.  I would let sleeping dogs lie.

Stephenson does not play for a reason.  He is simply not that good.  That means he has no room to tell LeBron that he choked.  That is about the dumbest thing you can do.  I understand that these two teams do not like each other, but Lance Stephenson does not play.  He should barely be a part of the proceedings.  It may not affect the team this game, but it could be a big thing later on.

Lance Stephenson needs to be seen and not heard.  Well, I guess he was seen.  But he should remain in the background.  If he becomes the story of the series, there is a major issue going on.  He might be “Born Ready”, but I do not think we figured out what he was born ready for.  Might be making choke signs, but I do not think that is resume worthy.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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