No Love Lost Between Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett?

By Kris Hughes

San Antonio Spurs center Tim Duncan and Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett are two of the league’s most competitive and driven superstars, and evidently this drive leads to a contentious relationship on the hardwood.

One sports site notes Duncan can’t stand Garnett due to the years of Garnett hacking, slapping, and otherwise trying to bait him into doing something outside of his character to draw a technical, or just get the “Big Fundamental” rattled and off his game. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to those who follow the NBA closely, as Garnett has quite the reputation as a pest and crap-talker who is as annoying as they come between the lines.

What’s interesting as well about Tim Duncan is the perception he is “soft”.

In fact, many have suggested the exact opposite is true. If you do enough to try and get under Duncan’s skin, it motivates him to come right at you in an effort to quiet the talk, and show his dominance in big-time matchups.

Tim Duncan seems like the quiet assassin who would much rather let his game do the talking than the talk-then-walk guy which so many NBA players have become over the course of time.

With this new storyline of the animosity between Duncan and Garnett it would be even more exciting to see an NBA Finals matchup between the two teams to watch the interactions more closely.

This matchup could come to be, as both the Celtics and Spurs look like they have what it takes to beat back their much younger and more fiesty opponents with a combination of offensive execution, defensive grit, and flat out determination.

Kevin Garnett is never one to back down from a challenge, nor is Tim Duncan.

Now we know there’s an underlying element which wasn’t once common knowledge, their potential NBA Finals matchup is even more intriguing.

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