Dan Dakich Calls Out The Miami Heat On Twitter Friday Morning

As it currently stands, Dan Dakich is probably one of the best basketball minds out there.  You have probably heard him broadcasting games on ESPN.  Some people do not like Dan Dakich because he pulls no punches.  He calls it exactly like he sees it, which is refreshing these days.  Friday morning, Dakich took to Twitter and had some choice words for the Miami Heat.

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I am not going to lie, but Dakich is pretty much spot on.  Who is the leader of the Heat?  LeBron James always has issues in crunch time and Dwyane Wade is melting down faster than an ice cube in a microwave.  Where is the leadership and the accountability?

He is also not wrong about the front running part.  Miami is a totally different team when they are playing scrubs.  That is when you see the highlight alley oops.  If you knock them around a bit and play them tough, they will eventually wilt.  It is just how they have played since the Big 3 joined together last season.

Right now, the Heat are totally on the ropes.  They can either respond with a big showing in Game 4 or they can wilt under the pressure.  Judging by Dakich’s tweet, he thinks they will continue to come up small in crunch time.  The issues run deeper than the absence of Chris Bosh.  The Heat have no one to lead them and their star players are too wrapped up in their own head to make a difference.

You might not like Dan Dakich, but he calls it like he sees it.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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