Indiana Pacers Take Control of Miami Heat in the NBA Playoffs

By J.M. Nicholas

The Miami Heat have never beaten the Indiana Pacers in Indiana during the Playoffs. In his nine-year pro career, Dwayne Wade has never went scoreless in the first half of an NBA Playoffs game. Some stats are bound to be broken, but sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Teams are built for various reasons. Some teams are built from the ground up. Some teams are supplied with ringers, free agents, and title-chasing superstars. However, when those championship aspirations do not come into view, those title-chasing teams tend to explode from the inside out. After losing two games in a row to the Indiana Pacers in the Semifinals of the NBA Playoffs, the depleted defending Eastern Conference Champion Miami Heat are now on the verge of total collapse and spontaneous combustion.

Indiana has waited a long time for their team to once again make some noise in the postseason. Miami has already claimed an NBA championship during Wade’s career, but has put themselves on a pedestal, and put a bulls eye on their back, by trying to bring together a multi-faceted super team. In various sports, history has proved that great players do not necessarily make a great team.

Indiana has held the Heat to 75 points in both of the last two games. The Pacers have won their last three postseason home games by a combined score of 52 points. The Heat have already lost more postseason games to the Pacers this year than they lost to any Eastern Conference team in last year’s playoffs. Miami is falling apart and falling behind, and they face a tall hill to climb, if they want to continue in the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

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