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New York Knicks Should Let Jeremy Lin Go

The New York Knicks had a fun run this season. Between the coaching woes, the Melodrama and the short-lived Linsanity, the Knicks were able to make the playoffs and win at least one game to end the longest playoff losing streak in NBA history. However, the Linsanity is over and I believe that the Knicks need to drop Jeremy Lin all together or make him the second priority.

The organization has a chance this season to sign a legitimate future hall of fame point guard in Steve Nash. Nash is more than likely going to get a big deal from the Phoenix Suns but Nash will probably look at every option he has before deciding what team he will sign with. One of those teams will be the Knicks since Nash will be able to re-join former teammate Amar’e Stoudemire.

Nash will also be bringing almost 10,000 assists to the Knicks as well if the Knicks do decide to go after him. Nash could also be the missing piece between the Knicks being a contender in the Eastern Conference.

Lin should be second fiddle in the Knicks’ offseason plans. Sure, Lin was great for awhile but when he went down with injury, everyone was able to move on from the crazy Lin high that everyone was on for two, three weeks. I do not see Lin as the true point guard that the Knicks need to succeed in the future. Right now, the Knicks will not have a true point guard unless they draft one this season.

Nash is the man for the Knicks and if they do not make a play for him this offseason, Knicks fans should see it as a major disappointment.

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