NBA Boston Celtics

Rajon Rondo Pulls Off Amazing Fake Behind The Back Pass In Game 4

Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics is an amazing dribbler, nothing else.  Rondo is magical to watch with the ball when he’s doing everything but shooting.  Rondo pulled off one of the best dribble moves that I have ever seen Friday night as he faked a behind the back pass in order to set up a Brandon Bass jumper.

That move is just ridiculous.  It is so close to a violation, but I have no idea how you could tell.  That is how good Rajon Rondo is with the ball in his hand.  It is not fair to be able to do that on a regular basis.  If more players could do that, they would be unstoppable.

If Rajon Rondo had a jumper, he would be the best point guard in the league.  No player has an impact on the game quite like him.  He is a triple double machine and is always in the center of things.  His shooting is the only thing that holds him back.  With the Big 3 in Boston getting older, it comes down to Rondo to power the team.  He did a great job doing that this past season.

If Rajon Rondo keeps getting better, it will be a war to decide the best point guard in the league.  If this keeps up, Boston will be in the NBA Finals this season.  There hasn’t been a point guard quite like Rondo in a long time and I am not sure if there will be one in the future.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.