Kobe Bryant Pulls A Chris Bosh, Interrupts Pau Gasol's Postgame Press Conference

By Riley Schmitt

Kobe Bryant was in a heck of a good move after the Los Angeles Lakers won Game 3 against the Oklahoma City Thunder Friday night.  Bryant was in such a good mood that he interrupted Pau Gasol’s postgame interview in one of the wackiest scenes ever.

Gasol kept trying plug along with the interview, but Kobe Bryant was way too distracting.  He was making weird faces, insulting Derek Fisher, and he even swore on live television.  That is the trifecta of interview interrupting.  I guess when you drop almost 40 points in a crucial game, you get a little bit of leeway from everyone.

This actually reminds me of Chris Bosh.  The Miami Heat forward is known for interrupting interviews and acting fairly weird.  He has made a living out of videobombing LeBron James as he gives interviews and although Kobe didn’t quite do that, this method was also effective.  Maybe the two can share secrets and improve on their interview crashing skills.

If Kobe Bryant is in a good enough mood to do this after a game, Lakers fans have to happy about that result.  They are probably not happy that they have to play again Saturday night, considering Bryant is no spring chicken.  I would be shocked if Kobe is able to be as effective as he was Friday night.  I mean, he wasn’t effective from the field but he did get to the line.

Then again, if they lose, Kobe Bryant might interrupt more interviews in an even weirder way.  I think we could settle for that.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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