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NBA Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers Historic Free-Throw Shooting Causes First Oklahoma City Thunder Loss

The Los Angeles Lakers had an incredible free-throw shooting night; they shot 41 for 42 from the line and it made the difference. Kobe Bryant was clutch down the stretch. He scored 36 points and hit 18 out of 18 from the line. World Peace went up to the line in the final 12.9 seconds with the game on the lin and calmly hit both free throws. That made the game tough for the Thunder; they called their final timeout, and then scored a quick 2 with Perkins, but Kobe Bean Bryant sank his final two shots of the game, and then the Thunder were forced into a long 3 by Kevin Durant which clanked off the rim and then Serge Ibaka didn’t have the time awareness to kick the ball out at the end.

Durant and Harden both had incredible games too though, Durant scored 31 and added 5 rebounds; Harden scored 21, added 3 steals, and competed with a combination of hustle and skill that was thrilling to watch. The Sixth Man of the Year was in rare form.

Both teams actually shot incredibly from the line as who teams, in a historic free-throw shooting night. It made it a beautiful game to watch, because it was so fundamentally sound from the free-throw line, you knew that both teams had done everything in their power to win which breeds incredible competition.

The difference in this one was the free throws, and the amount of effort required to get to the line 42 times is definitely and the Lakers survive a must-win game against the Thunder.