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Blake Griffin Gets Revenge On Tim Duncan, Dunks Right Over Him

Blake Griffin may not be extremely polished yet, but the Los Angeles Clippers forward can still make the highlight plays.  In Game 3, Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs made headlines by stuffing a Griffin dunk attempt.  Sunday was Griffin’s revenge as he threw one down right over the future Hall of Famer.

Blake Griffin catches a lot of flak right now, but you have to realize that he’s still incredibly young.  He is not going to learn to shoot a jumper or play perfect defense right away.  These things take time.  It sucks even more because he has a coach like Vinny Del Negro.  I’m not sure Del Negro could out coach a fifth grader, much less help a player increase his skill level.

I have the feeling that this will get replayed a lot, but I doubt the Spurs and Duncan care.  After all, dunks are only worth two points and the Spurs have been dominating the series.  You can have highlights against the Spurs, but I bet they come out on top nine times out of ten.  They are the epitome of a perfect basketball team right now.  They can do it all.

I expect big things out of Blake Griffin and company in the future.  This just is not the year for them.  The Spurs are a buzzsaw and they will take out anyone in their path.  The poster dunk is nice, but I’ll take the playoff victory every single time.  LA will get there.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.