Boston Celtics Doc Rivers Loses The Way He Has Won

By Rob Nelson

The Boston Celtics have had a familiar script many times this season. The game would go something like this. The Boston Celtics would come out ice cold as their opponent punched all over them. The Celtics would stay just close enough in the first half to be able to be one solid run away from taking the game by stringing together solid defense at times and timely shooting. The second half would see them come roaring back with stifling defense that forced turnovers and one of their stars getting hot at the offensive end. After taking control of the momentum of the game, they would methodically finish off their opponents in the final minutes of the fourth quarter by executing smart offensive sets and forcing their opponents into ill advised offense.

This script has happened too many times to count this season for head coach Doc Rivers. This script was also followed in game four of the NBA Eastern Conference Semi Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers. The problem for Rivers was this script was followed by the 76ers and Boston lost a chance at owning a commanding stranglehold on this series.

The Boston Celtics came out hot and built a huge lead. The 76ers chipped away and kept the game within striking distance in the first half. The third quarter would have the 76ers come roaring back with turnover forcing defense and timely shooting. The fourth quarter saw some terrible Boston offense as the passing was non existent and the attack the basket philosophy was dead for Boston. The offense struggled and the turnovers mounted. Philly on the other hand executed down the stretch on offense with Andre Iguodala getting hot and finishing Boston off.

Doc Rivers has some work to do before the pivotal game five of this series. The Boston Celtics need better execution on the offensive end. They also need better rotations and help defense on the other end. If the adjustments are not made, then this script might get followed again. This time Doc Rivers does not want that to happen. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!

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