Breaking News: Golden State Warriors Plan To Move Franchise To San Francisco In 2017

By Michael J. Igyarto


According to the San Jose Mercury News, the Golden State Warriors have finalized plans to move from Oakland to San Francisco in 2017. The move would provide the Warriors with a brand new, modern, multi-use arena on Pier 30/32 that would be utilized not only for basketball but other various events. The privately funded arena will be just down the street from the San Francisco Giants and AT&T park and will open before the 2017-2018 season.

The move to San Francisco shouldn’t be a surprise, as owner Joe Lacob, has made it clear of his plans for a move since his ownership began. Oracle Arena is currently the oldest arena in the NBA — it first opened in 1966 — and while renovations took place before the 1996-1997 season, the rust was clearly showing.

While many Warriors fans have fond memories of the arena, the move to San Francisco should be met with open arms. The move not only provides fans with a new arena, but gives the Warriors, as a franchise, a chance at bigger free-agents, better coaches, and an overall better chance of winning.

No disrespect to Oakland, because their fans truly are loyal, but you now have a new home in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This move should be met with open arms and excitement. Sure it’s still 5 years away, but this is a move in the right direction for this franchise.

An official announcement is expected next week, maybe as early as Tuesday.

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