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Indiana Pacers May Give Eric Gordon Max Deal This Summer

The Indiana Pacers definitely have bigger things to worry about right now than free agency but it is not too early to speculate what the Pacers may have in store for themselves during this upcoming offseason. If the Pacers do end up ending their run in the next week or so, they might have a possible upgrade at shooting guard in impending free agent Eric Gordon.

Gordon could be a target depending on the confidence the Pacers have in his knees. Gordon has had issues with his knees in two consecutive years with this season being the most recent in his fourth year. Gordon only played in nine games for the New Orleans Hornets after he was part of the trade that sent Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Clippers.

In those nine games, Gordon averaged 20.6 points and 3.4 assists per game but was cut short with knee problems.

This idea for the Pacers could be far fetched and it may have to include sending Danny Granger to the Hornets in a sign-and-trade deal. If that comes into play, you would think that the Pacers would definitely have to pass since Gordon is incredibly injury prone and Granger has been part of the uplifting spirit that is surrounding the Pacers this season.

Granger is a key asset and any addition to him, like Gordon, could only help the Pacers instead of hurt them. Granger averaged 18.7 points per game and five rebounds per game as well. Granger has also scored 1000+ points in every season since his sophomore season with the Pacers.

We will see what the Pacers will do with their cap space.

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