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Boston Celtics Ray Allen And Bench Need To Deliver In Game Five

The reasons for the Boston Celtics demise in game four of the NBA Eastern Conference Semi Finals are many. However, one glaring stat that greatly contributed to the loss are the numbers on the bench scoring. The margin between Boston and Philadelphia’s bench scoring was way too great a gap for Boston to overcome as the 76ers bench out scored Boston’s reserves by almost four times their total (44-12). This kind of production is not going to get the job done in a playoff series.

I do realize that Philly relies on their bench more than Boston does as far as scoring. The 76ers do not really have that go to scorer and need to rely on a lot of people to score in order to compete. The team’s leading scorer Lou Williams comes of the bench (15 points in game four) for god’s sakes. Boston is just not built like that with four stars that are capable of going off at any time.

The Celtics do not need the type of production Philly gets form their bench. Boston just needs something more than hardly nothing from the reserves in order to provide some support for the starters. This means the team needs more from one Ray Allen. Allen has not done much the last couple games scoring combined scoring only 8 points on only 3-7 shooting. Game four Ray can be excused because he did not need to shoot more than ponce as his other teammates were on fire and deserved the shots that they were taking. However, last game the Celtics needed more than five points form Ray, but he never got his game going due to a lack of aggressiveness and solid perimeter defense by Philly.

Boston needs Ray to go for double figures. They need for Ray to be aggressive and fight to get open for his shot. If he does and stretches the floor, then Boston’s bench production will go way up. I believe this will happen because Ray is just too good a shooter to bottle down forever. Remember Go Green Or Go Home !!!!!!!!!