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Chris Paul Makes Amazing Shot Off Top Of Backboard For Three Point Play In Game 4

Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers has struggled against the San Antonio Spurs in the postseason, but he made one of his best plays in the closing minutes of Game 4.  Paul was driving the lane and he was bumped by a couple Spurs.  Paul absorbed the contact and threw up a shot that bounced on the top of the backboard a couple of times and dropped in.

That was one of the most amazing shots that I have seen.  Paul has been playing hurt, but you can not question his heart and spirit.  That is a play that very few people can make.  They just can not combine the level of skill and luck a play like that takes.

Chris Paul and company may be done in the playoffs, but their spirit can not be questioned.  They played hard against a Spurs team that has just been on fire over last month.  They are probably the best team in basketball right now and I am not sure if anyone can beat them.

The Clippers can use the offseason to rest up and it will also allow some of their players to improve their game.  Blake Griffin can dunk with the best of him, but he needs a lot of work.  He can provide highlights but he also needs to be able to play some defense and make a jumper.

I expect the Clippers to be back and better than ever next season.  Give them a little bit and they will be fine.  When you have Chris Paul in your back pocket, nothing is impossible.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.