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The Danny Granger Injury Will Cause The Indiana Pacers To Lose Their Series Against The Miami Heat

Danny Granger of the Indiana Pacers had made a name for himself during the team’s series with the Miami Heat.  Granger was often seen as a soft player, but he has made a reputation for himself as someone who likes to escalate situations.  Unfortuantely for Indy, they are toast after Danny Granger suffered an ankle injury in Game 5.

That Danny Granger injury pretty much has killed Indy’s hopes of beating the Heat.  Right after that happened, Miami blew the doors off the Pacers, turning a close game into a massacre.  Granger gamely tried to play in the second half but re-aggravated it, which ended his Game 5.

Granger is needed to guard LeBron James.  If the Pacers do not have Granger, LeBron is going to run wild.  He has been able to get his so far this series, but the absence of Granger will allow LeBron a ton of free space to work.  I imagine that Granger will try to give it a go in Game 6, but ankle injuries are hard to overcome.

Granger is finally shedding his reputation as a soft guy and then this happens.  It is unfortunate to see.  It basically took all the wind out of Indy’s sails.  They were looking like a team that had no fear and then some bad breaks occurred.  The Danny Granger injury isn’t the complete end of the series, but I believe the fat lady is doing some voice excerises.

Indiana will only continue to get better, but they will still wonder what would have happened if the Danny Granger injury never occurred.  Stupid sprained ankles.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.