Udonis Haslem Should Have Been Ejected For Cheap Shot On Tyler Hansbrough In Game 5 (video)


Udonis Haslem should be thanking every deity that he knows.  The Miami Heat forward basically destroyed Tyler Hansbrough of the Indiana Pacers with a cheap shot, but it was only ruled a flagrant 1.  It was clearly a flagrant two and he better be suspended for Game 6.

If Haslem turns out to be the turning point in Game 5, the Pacers could seriously argue that the refs helped the Heat.  There was no play on the ball.  Udonis Haslem went right after Psycho T’s head.  That is unacceptable.  How the refs missed that, I will never know?

The refs need to get this game under control.  They are letting the series get out of hand.  The dirty play has gotten out of hand, but it only seems like the Pacers get hit with flagrants and technicals.  I understand that some teams have better sway with the refs than others, but this is ridiculous.  Udonis Haslem could have seriously hurt Hansbrough with that play.

Udonis Haslem should be ashamed for that play.  He was looking for revenge after getting injured in Game 4, but this play was not necessary.  It was not a basketball play.  It was a thug shot on a player.  It was dirty and it has no place in any level of basketball.  If you want to do that to a guy, take it outside.  Don’t do it on the court.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.  He has seen some cheap shots in his day and that was one of the cheapest.