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Allen Iverson Will Attend Game 6 Between The Philadelphia 76ers And Boston Celtics

Game 6 between the Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics on Wednesday night will be electric.  The 76ers have an ace in the hole, as former star Allen Iverson will be in attendance.  This should surely fire up the 76ers crowd.

Allen Iverson has not played for the 76ers since 2010 and his professional basketball career is basically over.  That is what happens when you are barely six feet tall and make a living out of driving to the basket.  That being said, Iverson is still one of the best players that I have seen with my own two eyes.  Sure he had his issues, but watching Iverson in his prime was amazing.

I imagine that the 76ers will honor Allen Iverson tonight.  It only seems like the right thing to do.  The things he did in Philly were incredible.  He carried them to an NBA Finals with a subpar supporting cast and even though they lost, Iverson was impressive.

People tend to be down on Allen Iverson because his shooting percentage wasn’t the greatest.  However, Iverson had the ability to shoot poorly but still make two clutch shots in the final minutes of a game.  He had a gift of rising to the occasion.  If you were playing the 76ers, you were petrified of him in the final minutes.

It should be a great atmosphere in Philly.  They need to win to continue on in the playoffs.  A loss will send them home, but with Allen Iverson cheering them on, I think the crowd will give them enough of an edge to eek out a close win.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.