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Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett’s Philly Comments Are No Big Deal

During a post game interview after game five of the NBA Eastern Conference Semi Finals, Boston Celtics center Kevin Garnett sent the media into a frenzy with some comments that Philly fans do not compare to Boston. Naturally the media has latched on to this and made a huge deal of the fact that KG might have rattled the proverbial hornet’s nest by almost daring the loud and raucous Philly faithful to be fired up for game six. The 76ers are facing elimination people are saying and providing any form of bulletin board material to get them going is considered a stupid move. However, the reality is these words are no big deal by KG for a couple of reasons.

The fact remains that the context was more complimentary towards Boston then a knock at Philly. KG was just determined to compliment the Boston crowd that energized the TD Garden and created an electrifying atmosphere for the players. The fact is there are very few places as tough to play then Boston due to the crowd.

Philly is loud, but not like Boston during big moments. The passion is just different because Boston knows they are a legitimate contender with title aspirations. I just do not believe the expectations are the same for an upstart Philly team that just seems happy to be on a playoff ride past the first round. Do the fans want to beat Boston? They absolutely do, but unlike Boston, they do not know that they can beat Miami or hang with the Western Conference.

The other fact is Boston is a veteran team that has played in some very big road games in hostile environments and won. KG was merely letting the world know that Boston is not in the least bit intimidated by any road environment and they plan on winning and taking the series.

As far as motivation for Philly, the motivation works both ways. KG made some comments and now has to back up those words with action. KG has long used his own words as motivation and this seems like the case here. A motivated and aggressive KG is never good for the opposing team.

The bottom line is crowd energy can be a big deal. However, not many teams can quiet a road crowd like Boston can and the Celtics know it. The Philly fans are not the ones that need to defend KG and Rondo and score against a tough Boston defense. The mentioned factors mean these comments are just fodder for the media. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!