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Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo Has Awful Game Six

Anybody that had the unfortunate happen to them and were watching game six of the NBA Eastern Conference Semi Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers were treated to one of the worst games that I have ever had to witness in my entire life. Neither team deserved a win for that game and the ultimate losers were the fans that either shelled out hard earned money to see that game live or wasted about three hours of their lives watching the game on TV. Neither team looked like they wanted to win this game as Philly could not buy a free throw or score on a jump shot and Boston felt the need to not attack the paint on offense, turn the ball over constantly, and fail to play perimeter defense to keep Philly from scoring in the paint. Philly would put together just enough solid play to accidentally pull away from Boston in the fourth quarter and force a game seven of this series. The man that contributed the most to Boston’s terrible play that cost them the chance at some needed rest and a berth in the Eastern Conference Finals is none other than point guard Rajon Rondo.

Rondo played by far his worst playoff game at both ends of the floor. The most noticeable issue was Rondo was the worst defensive player on the floor and worst that was not playing on two extremely injured ankles. Jrue Holiday blew by Rondo time after time and either got a layup, an easy jump shot buried, or a great pass to a teammate for an open look. Rondo also hurt Boston’s defense by over playing the passing lanes. Boston’s defense was scrambling all night on the defensive end due to Rondo’s poor decision to gamble in the passing lanes. This led to Philly getting easy lanes to drive to the basket in the second half.

The worst part is Rondo is a great one on one defender that can pressure the ball when he wants to. He is a two time first team all defensive team member and earned a nod on the second team this year for a reason. He also been a great defensive player in the post season. In 2010 it was Rondo that swallowed up both Orlando’s Jameer Nelson and Cleveland’s Mo Williams to help Boston advance to the NBA Finals. Watching Jrue Holiday eat him alive is kind of tough to swallow.

The offensive end was worse for Rondo. Rondo deserves a lot of the blame because he is the guy in charge of getting the offense going and that never happened. Rondo never really seemed in the flow of the game. Some times on the offensive end Boston would rush the offense and other times they would hold the ball far too long and be forced into a tough shot. This is a big reason for the under forty percent shooting by Boston.

Rondo would just not attack the basket either. Rondo would just would settle for bad jump shots and then wild shots in the paint when he did drive to the basket. This did not just effect Rondo’s scoring, but others as well. His teammates because of Rondo’s lack of attack mode missed out on some great open looks that Rondo creates by driving the lane and forcing the defense to collapse. Rondo’s issues were a big reason Brandon Bass and Kevin Garnett struggled for Boston most of the night.

Philly’s defense is good, but not as good as Boston made them look. Jrue Holiday is good, but not as great as ROndo made him out to be. This means Rondo needs to step up for game seven. Another game like game six from Rondo and the Celtics will be going home History tells me ROndo will step in the big moment because he has proven to be a big game player.. There is no bigger game than this game seven because it is win or go home. Remember Go Green OR Go Home!!!!!!!!