Orlando Magic Are Finally Ready To Trade Bratty Superstar Dwight Howard

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Dwight Howard has finally gotten his wish.  TheOrlando Magic are finally ready to trade him and they will do that after the NBA Draft Lottery.  However, it is too late for the Magic.  They held on to Howard for way too long and it will cost them.

By not moving Dwight Howard earlier, they had to ax Stan Van Gundy to try to keep the brat happy.  Stan Van Gundy is a great coach and Orlando screwed up royally by letting him go.  Now they are trading Howard, so why did you fire Van Gundy?  SVG would work perfect with the roster minus Howard.  Howard got sick of someone pushing him to be better.

Dwight Howard will probably end a Brooklyn Net or a Houston Rocket.  I would not be surprised if Houston overwhelms the Magic with a package to finally get a superstar.  It will be risky, but I think they are ready to take the leap.  I am not sure if I would want to attach my franchise to Howard, but I am not in charge.

Dwight Howard has already taken a hit to his reputation.  The trade of him out of Orlando will be for the best and this ugly chapter can close.  Howard comes off looking like a brat, which is pretty much what he is.  He tried to get his way and then forced his way out the door.  You can not keep him in Orlando anymore.

Dwight Howard can not be trusted, so why did the Magic let him ruin their franchise?

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.