Miami Heat Proved to be too Much for Indiana Pacers in NBA Playoffs

By J.M. Nicholas

Regrouping after injuries, suspensions, and a sub-par start, the Miami Heatdefeated the Indiana Pacersto advance in the 2012 NBA Playoffs. The Heat literally stepped their game up after starting their Eastern Conference Semi-Final series against the Pacers down two games to one. The South Beach superstars banded together and rolled over a young Indiana team by winning the last three games of the series in a row.

After scoring 75 points in both games two and three of the series, the Heat closed out the next three games by scoring over 100 points in each. The Pacers simply could not match the strength and guile of the Heat, who imposed their will on Indiana in games four, five, and six. The Heat took advantage of Indiana’s lack of playoff experience, beating them often on the open floor and beating them up on both sides of the ball.

Indiana fell short in the third quarter of each one of their losses in the series. The Pacers were outscored 28-16 in the third quarter of game six. The Heat also took down 11 more rebounds in game six. The Pacers literally gave the ball away in their last game of the season, committing 22 turnovers to only ten by Miami.

Miami stumbled early in the series, but found their stride in the middle, and took advantage late in games four, five, and six. The Heat now advance to the Eastern Conference Finals for a second straight season, and the Pacers await the upcoming NBA Draft.

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