Video: San Antonio's Mayor Calls Out Charles Barkley

By David LaRose

On the recent episodes of TNT’s Inside the NBA, emmy award winning analyst Charles Barkley has not been so kind with his words about the city of San Antonio.

Well, the mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro has taken notice of this and made a hilarious video in response to Chuck’s diss of his city.

I would say that Castro won that round!

It’s great to see the Mayor taking Chuck’s comments in stride and turning them around to poke fun at the Hall of Famer. Adding in the championship ring comment was probably the lowest blow in the video but the other parts of the video were just as funny.

It’s always hilarious to include video of Chuck trying to play golf, even if it didn’t have anything to do with the topic. As for the picture of Barkley dressed up in women’s clothing that’s no different than what the people at Inside the NBA subject him to every show. Just last week Kenny Smith unveiled a very unflattering picture of Barkley that Chuck actually had to apologize to the viewers for wearing it. Here’s the photo.

As for the actual team involved in the discussion, the San Antonio Spurs have been on a tear, winning 18 straight games including going 8-0 in these playoffs so far. Some people say they don’t like the Spurs because they play a boring style of basketball but if boring basketball can win 18 straight games then more power to them.

Charles Barkley and the rest of the Inside the NBA crew will be traveling to both San Antonio and Oklahoma City for the Western Conference Finals and it should be a good series. Those two cities aren’t the ideal destination for Chuck but don’t tell that to the Mayor’s or else they’ll call you out.

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