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The Oklahoma City Thunder Can Not Beat The San Antonio Spurs Without Russell Westbrook At His Best

Russell Westbrook is one of the bigger enigmas in the NBA.  The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard can be one of the better players in the league, but he also has his issues.  Against the San Antonio Spurs, those issues popped to the surface once again.  The Thunder will only go as far as Westbrook can take them, even if Kevin Durant is seen as the better player.

Russell Westbrook finished the game 7 for 21 with five assists and five rebounds.  Those 21 shots only resulted in 17 points for the talented point guard.  Simply put, the Thunder can not win if he continues to play like that.  He is a high volume shooter, but he needs to be more efficient from the field.  If he continues to shoot like this, OKC stands no chance.

Durant is the best player on the Thunder, but they will only go as far as Russell Westbrook takes them.  He is no the closer but he is needed to get the Thunder to the final four minutes.  If he plays out of control, the Thunder can not move on.  He is too important to the team and his shooting needs to improve quickly.

Russell Westbrook may take an unfair share of blame when the Thunder lose.  However, he is the whole key to the team’s success.  If he continues to slip, OKC will not last more than five games against the Spurs.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.  Russell Westbrook continues to confuse him every single time thae he steps on the court for the Thunder.