Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo And Company Fail To Elevate Game

By Rob Nelson

The Boston Celtics lost game number one of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals after Miami used a strong third quarter to propel them to a double digit lead that they would never relinquish. Many people are finger pointing and wondering how Boston lost by double digits after dominating Miami in the regular season. Some people point to injuries with Ray Allen reduced to a shell of himself due to his injured ankles and losing Avery Bradley and his defense due to a shoulder injury are a big deal, but the Boston Celtics drill have enough in the tank to not only hang with, but beat Miami. The reason for the loss is simply the Boston Celtics failed to elevate their game to play a top level opponent with Rajon Rondo being the biggest culprit.

The fact is Boston played the way they did against Atlanta and Philly. They played only really 24 minutes of great basketball. The other 24 minutes was just going throughout he motions rather than attacking a team at both ends of the floor. Boston can play like that against bad teams, but Miami has two guys that are top tier players in the prime of their careers that can go off at a moments notice if given the opportunity. The only way to prevent the opportunity is to attack them at both ends of the floor. Boston did not do that in game one for much of the game.

The first, third, and fourth quarters saw Boston fail to attack at any point. Rajon Rondo failed to raise his game and get to the rim. When he gets into the paint, Boston’s offense is so much more dynamic and capable of unleashing big numbers. Granted the Heat put Dwayne Wade and LeBron on him at times, but Rondo is more than capable of blowing by them and getting to the hoop. If he gets by them, it is smooth sailing because Miami has no shot blocker in the middle to erase the mistake.The other issue is that this means someone on the floor has a mismatch and the guy that led the NBA in assist should find them.

The fact is those that say it was just great Heat defense failed to watch the second quarter because Rondo did attack the hoop and Boston dominated. The team scored 35 points to rally to tie the game at the half. Rondo attacked the basket and finished. However, the biggest plus for Boston was the rest of the team got great looks and easy offense. This one quarter of offense was almost as good as the entire the second half to put it into how important Rondo attacking is to the Celtics offense.

The bottom line is Boston needs Rondo to come up big in game two of this series. They need him to be attacking and looking to get into the teeth of the Heat defense. My money is on Rondo knowing this and having a big game. After every bad game this playoffs, Rondo has bounced back strong. This fact is a huge glimmer of hope for Boston. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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