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Steve Nash Has No Interest In Playing For The New York Knicks

One of the biggest free agents during this upcoming NBA off-season will be the rejuvenated 38 year-old Steve Nash. Nash, who had a terrific season, will reportedly be looking for a three year deal in free-agency and many have speculated that a perfect landing spot would be the New York Knicks. Now although the Knicks want to sign Nash they are really in a good position because, if Nash decides to re-sign with the Phoenix Suns, or sign somewhere else, they will still have first dibs on re-signing Jeremy Lin, as he is a restricted free-agent this upcoming off-season.

But if somehow the Knicks let Lin get away, and sign with another team, then the Knicks will be in major trouble next season and here is why. News has leaked that Nash, who, as I said before, many people have linked to theKnicks as a possible suitor, is not interested in joining the Knicks in free-agency. One of the reasons why Nash, a very mellow, and down-to-earth guy, would not want to join the Knicks is because of the atmosphere that comes with the city of New York. Even though Nash lives in New York, it does not mean that he would enjoy playing there and being involved with the circus that comes with playing for a big-market team like the Knicks.

Nash, who is being pursued by many other teams, is the only player that I, personally, have ever seen get better as they have gotten older. Usually players, especially basketball, who get to the age of around 35 start to lose the lift in their legs, thus causing their shot to suffer. Last season Nash shot .532 from the field, the same percentage he shot during the 2006-2007 season with the Suns, when he had one of the best seasons of his career. This was also the same season that Nash missed out on winning his third MVP in a row to one of his good friends DirkNowitzki.

So, after stating all of that, anyone who signs Nash this off-season will be getting a player who is in tip-top shape, as Nash prides himself in keeping himself in great shape, and a player who is dedicated to winning at all costs. Nash is one of the very few players in the NBA who has a passion and love for the game and brings his A-game every night. Any team would be lucky to have him. As for the Knicks though, it sounds like Nash wouldn’t touch that sort of atmosphere with a ten-foot pole.