Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett Has Plenty Of Fuel For His Fire

By Rob Nelson

There are many reasons people do not like the Miami Heat outside of Miami. No, their opponents the Boston Celtics are not a loved city either, but at least the hate is built on respect. Teams like Boston win the right way. They act like they have been there before. Miami on the other hand feels the need to let you know that they are beating you with pompous acts of showmanship that go beyond sending a message. The Boston Celtics win and they beat you, but they do not rub it in your face like Miami does. A classic example of this is LeBum James ..oops LeBron James smiling at Kevin Garnett after a nice scoring drive and taunting him with a smirk that no one with ZERO NBA titles and a history of choking in the big moment should ever don on his face. Act like you have been there before and let your play do the talking. Then again if I had some of the moments despite the talent LeBron has then I would probably try to savor the good moments that are too few and far between. Expressions like that are reserved for guys like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and even Kobe Bryant that have won and carried a team to the promise land. This might have been a very bad move by James in this group. This game might have been the spark that awoke a very proud veteran championship caliber team.

The phrase do not poke the caged lion because the door might open is perfect for this moment. James and his group must have felt great and in the locker room should have celebrated the execution of a great game plan. However, it was not the blowout ESPN in a rush to anoint LeBron King would have you believe. The game was tied at half time despite Boston playing awful in the first quarter. The third quarter of sloppy play by Boston is the only reason Miami won. Had the Celtics hit their free throws and executed a little better on offense (or had the refs call the seven out of the eleven Miami blocks that were clearly fouls to go along with the other no calls) then the game would have been a lot different. The bottom line is Boston played a C- game for them and still was only one O.K. quarter verses a horrendous quarter away form a big win on the road.

KG and company are always looking for a way to get motivated. The Heat’s ridiculous actions might have done just that. LeBron decided to get cocky and act like he cannot be stopped. He had the gaul to insult a true veteran warrior with a ring in KG. Shane Battier acting like he was the man because he had one nice game guarding Paul Pierce and hit a couple jump shots. Dwayne Wade acting like Boston cannot beat them in the post game press conference because there is nothing they can do to upset their plans on winning is a joke that Boston will use for fuel.

The Celtics already had enough to get going without Miami’s ridiculous actions. The Celtics were pushed around and they know it. This proud team does not take that lightly. The media also is playing a huge role in sparking Boston. Despite whatever the NBA wants to have rump swabbed toadie that is Stephen A. Smith thinks, the Celtics are capable of playing very physical defense. They are a shut down team that will make Miami grind it out by playing better perimeter defense. Miami should have kept playing and their mouths and taunting actions to a minimum and prayed Boston continued their awful play. Now the so called experts are predicting a sweep or a five game series to add more fuel to the motivational fire.

This Celtics team is at its best with their back to the wall. Their mission was to win one game on the road at least. They have that opportunity still with game three looming. They should be plenty fired up for this game two thanks in large part to Miami acting like the tools that they are. I plan on a big win for Boston. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!

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