Miami Heat LeBron James Is Given Win By NBA Refs Over Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics were screwed last night by the worst officiating in the NBA in recent memory in a big game and judging by the fact that the NBA refs are wretched most of the time is saying a lot. I would much rather be writing about a great finish with a player like LeBron James or Rajon Rondo winning the game, but neither did. It was the officials putting the dagger in the hearts of Boston. This should never happen. The refs gave Miami this game.

This was huge because LeBron James continued to choke in the big moments. LeBron missed big shots in the fourth quarter and in overtime. He also missed key free throws. However, no big deal because David Stern’s army made sure Bostn would not win this game despite Rajon Rondo scoring an amazing 44 points by burying big jump shot after big jump shot.

The Celtics were screwed at every corner in a pivotal overtime during the final minutes. First a blatant foul by the dirty Dwayne Wade as he struck Rajon ROndo in the head hard going to the basket was blatantly ignored. Next on the ensuing possession for Miami Dwayne Wade is allowed to kick Kevin Garnett in the mid section to create separation and not only was credited the basket, but given the foul call for an and one. This gave Miami the game. Boston gave all they could, but no one can win against 5-8 with the refs in Miami’s pocket.

David Stern should fire each one of these guys and issue an apology to the fans of both Miami and Boston. He then should add about three more officials to every game so there will be no calls missed due to the out of shape useless guys that cannot make the right calls that clearly need help do not continue to ruin games. However, seeing as how the NBA hype machine ball washes the Heat and wants them in the Finals, I am just not seeing Stern fixing the problem that has plagued this league for years. Until he does something the NBA is no better than the WWE. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!

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  • Larry Byder

    THE MIAMI CHEAT should be their name with all the calls they are getting.

  • Damien

    refs were crafty this time, they waited until the end of OT to start fixing the game. why do i even watch the nba anymore

  • TYGs

    Well if this is he way the HEAT has to win shame on them. I wouldn’t want a washed championship. Let me earn it fair and square. It’s time for David Stern to go. And I always thought the refs in the NBA were a bit shady, have to much power and can’t be contested? I”m sure there is a lot of funky lil bets going on in the back rooms to call games. Open that can of worms and it will ruin the NBA so just clean it up right.

  • alex

    The refs come to play!

  • Randhellion

    The players should get a slow motion review a game. And if the Ref ends up being wrong, the player get’s to bitch slap him and dock his pay for that game.

  • Garrett

    The referees know their jobs and I am sure David Stern has notified them of what they need to do. **wink** **wink** If Boston wins it will be against the odds. Rest assured David Stern will be in the referees ears throughout.

    I realize that in the Western Conference there are two small market teams but one of those teams has a tradition. In that conference it would depend on which stars receive the most hype. Fairness does not matter but ratings do.

    Got to love David Stern the Godfather of the NBA.

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  • Larrbear

    How refreshing to hear sanity from the fans. Sadly, after the fiasco created by the officials in game 7 to get the Heat to the finals, the lopsided officiating continued in games 2, 3, and 4 against the Thunder. It became so apparent even the TV announcers were shocked. They were using terms like, comical, discraceful, outrageous, to the point that the NBA told them to shut up. All of a sudden, they stopped commenting and stopped showing key replays. The foul calling was so lopsided it almost hurt to watch each game. Something has to be done. This is not pro wrestling!!! These clowns are ruining the only pure American game. This game was invented in the good ole USA, this is our game. Please stop this travesty. We want the best team to win the National title, not the MVP.