NBA Draft: Who Will the Toronto Raptors Take With The 8th Pick?

By Sachin Arora

As expected, the Toronto Raptors will pick 8th in the NBA draft. Unfortunately, this isn’t the result Raptors fans were looking for. However, in a relatively deep draft, the Raptors should still be able to pick up a solid player.

Let’s take a look at the potential scenarios:

Harrison Barnes

Barnes is definitely the best fit in the draft for the Raptors. A phenomenal scorer, Barnes would fill the gaping hole at the small forward slot. If he’s available, the Raptors will certainly take him.

Jeremy Lamb

Lamb is another very solid scorer. He’s quick, athletic, and also plays solid defence. However, if the Raptors draft Lamb they will have to shift DeMar DeRozan to small forward. Who knows how he will adapt to that.

Damian Lillard

Lillard is a high volume scoring, electric point guard, similar to the new era of hybrid point guards of this generation. While it would be exciting to pick him up, he is scarily similar to Jerryd Bayless and might not be worth the pick.

Perry Jones

This guy is oozing with potential. His athleticism is off the charts, especially for his large size. He would be a risky pick, but his upside could make him one of the best players out of this draft.

Austin Rivers

Another solid scorer, Doc’s son should have a solid career as a pro. However, he’s pretty one-dimensional and would once again force DeRozan to play small forward.


Dwane Casey and Bryan Colangelo have addressed a possible trade involving the pick for a veteran around the age 26-28. If the Raptors can net a solid small forward (Andre Iguodala, etc) then don’t expect Colangelo to hesitate.

Things can change in a hurry, and after the draft workouts we will have a better idea of who will be available for the Raptors.

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