Andre Iguodala Would Be A Perfect Fit for the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have two big problems on their roster, the lack of a play-making point guard and a quality small forward. Andre Iguodala would solve the latter of those problems.

It was a disappointing year for the Lakers this season and they struggled all season to stay consistent among the top teams in the Western Conference. They traded their longtime point guard Derek Fisher for Cleveland Cavilers guard Ramon Sessions and also acquired Jordan Hill mid-season. These moves were not enough to beat a team like the Oklahoma City Thunder, who they lost to in five games in the playoffs.

Right now the Lakers have Ron Artest (Metta World Peace) and Matt Barnes as their primary small forwards. Artest is still a good defender and can provide good assistance coming off the bench. Barnes is a player who doesn’t seem to fit with the team and should be let go. There is no room for him on the team as his talents are not any better than young forward Devin Ebanks who can use more playing time.

Iguodala has been a great player during his career and he would offer the Lakers another scoring option along the perimeter. Kobe Bryant has proven that he is the only reliable perimeter shooter on the wing that the Lakers can trust. Steve Blake is a good shooter, but if he is the second best shooter on the team then you are not going to win a championship.

Not only does Iguodala provide great shooting abilities, but he is also a good passer and ball-handler. He has a unique set of skills that most players do not have. In Philadelphia, he has been the number one guy their for most of his career and he has shown us what he can do with the basketball. In Los Angeles, he would be able to those same things without the pressure of carrying a team. Iguodala is a great number two guy to have on a team but is not someone you want as your main guy.

The only problem that faces the Lakers is that they do not have many trading pieces on the team. Pau Gasol is the only player that the Lakers have on their trading block as most of their other players don’t generate interest from any other teams. Trading Gasol is not a good idea because it takes away the biggest strength that they have in their size.

If the trade for Iguodala is going to happen, it can’t be a straight up trade between Gasol and Iguodala. The Lakers would have to get other players in return. Spencer Hawes would be nice but the Sixers wn’t be willing to let that much talent go for Gasol. If the Sixers are interested in making a deal for Jordan Hill or Artest along with some draft picks, it would be a good trade for both sides. The problem is, the Sixers probably won’t want to talk about a deal unless it involves Gasol.

If this is the case, then the Lakers are going to have to sit down and discuss their options. Gasol is one of the best weapons on the team and if he is traded it is hard to match the talent level coming in. Iguodala is as close as they can get and would be a great fit for the team. Now the Lakers have to decide whether or not he is worth giving up a top-notch player in Gasol for him.

The trade might be difficult to complete, but one thing is for sure, the Lakers need to do whatever they can to get Iguodala into a Lakers uniform for next season.


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  • Brian

    Hawes is a UFA, so he wouldn’t make sense. Lou Williams and Iggy for Gasol does make sense. However, Williams has an opt out he can exercise this off-season. So if a deal were to be made, he’d have to agree not to opt out. Truth be told, the Lakers have to give some thing to get some thing. For LA, it would be addition by subtraction, as Kobe and Pau have a dislike for each other. Gasol would be an ideal fit in Philly, as it would allow them to write off Brand’s contract and secure a nice FA. Maybe KG. KG playing next to Gasol? That would be awesome.