Phil Jackson Is Headed Back To The NBA, But Not With The Orlando Magic

By Joshua Casey

When Phil Jackson retired from the NBA after the 2010-2011 season many people began the speculation immediately that Jackson would eventually return, well it seems that that time has come. According to some information Jackson is heading back to the NBA not with the Orlando Magic, in fact it is not even known yet what team Jackson will be with next season, and in what capacity. Earlier today the Magic apparently had the candidate for either team president, general manager, or a consultant that they wanted, the candidate was Jackson, but he pulled out late Thursday afternoon.

Magic CEO, Alex Martins, was all set to run the idea, of Jackson hopping on board with the Magic, by Magic owner Rich DeVos, but was informed immediately before that Jackson was no longer interested. Jackson would have been in a role similar to that of Pat Riley, and would have overseen the Magic organization, but now he is taking his talents elsewhere. Martins stated at the beginning of the Magic’s search for a general manager, and coach, that he would not comment on any potential candidates and he held true to that statement.

Martins would not state what role Jackson would have had, or where he is heading now, he simply stated that, “Phil decided to go with another opportunity”. Martins also added that Jackson gave him the impression that he did not wish to coach once again in the NBA, which is not surprising with all of Jackson’s recent health issues. So now the speculation about where Jackson winds up will begin. But for Magic fans they must be irritated at what has happened today.

Although there is still no sign that the team will trade superstar Dwight Howard, it does seem that Howard is still upset with the Magic and may want out. Hiring Jackson, though would have been a huge step in keeping Howard as he has stated that he would love to have Jackson aboard either as a head coach, or just simply involved with the team. Now that Jackson has decided to pursue another opportunity, Howard may just be at his tipping point, but who knows what’s really going on in that guy’s head.

Getting back to Jackson, and his future destination, there is really no clues about where he could wind up, anything at this point is speculation. One scenario that does make sense, though is that (although we do not know about it yet) the Portland Trail Blazers have pried away general manager Mitch Kupchak from the Los Angeles Lakers, and Jackson is heading back to Los Angeles. But, again that is only speculation. One thing is for sure, though Phil Jackson is, in some form, once again, coming back to the game that he loves.


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