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NBA Atlanta Hawks

Chris Bosh Plans To Play In Game 5

The Miami Heat look like their getting some insurance for game 5. Chris Bosh is rumored to be ready to go as the Boston Celtics evened the series last night at 2 games a piece.

I still think the Heat are going to get through this series even if Bosh can’t play. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have played well enough to make sure that happens, and still need some more help from the cast. If the Heat do indeed get Bosh back, I’m even more convinced the Heat will move on (and let’s be clear- I HATE the Heat).

Chris Bosh will allow the ball to go through him in the post. Which will spread the floor even more so. It also gives the Heat an option when Wade and James crash the basket and kick as Bosh is more than capable at burying a 15 foot jumper.

I’m not convinced that Bosh is going to be as effective as he has been. The injury he sustained could easily be re-aggravated and cost him even more time.

Either way, this has to be good news for the morale of the club. When you lose a top player, it’s tough on the psyche of everyone. When that player comes back during a crucial time- I can’t imagine what’s going through the head of the organization right now bc Bosh is 100% needed to move on to the Finals.