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NBA Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks Are Prepared To Make Big Offer To Roy Hibbert

Roy Hibbert won a lot of people over with his performance in the Indiana PacersMiami Heat series.  In fact, Hibbert impressed the Dallas Mavericks so much that they will make him a big offer this summer.  The Pacers will probably match, but Dallas making an offer is interesting.

See, I like this line of thinking by the Mavericks.  Roy Hibbert would not be the solution all the problems they have, but it would be a good backup plan if they strike out on other free agents.  He still has an issue where he does not dominate games, but he is getting better.

I think Roy Hibbert is going to be a big help if the Mavericks get him.  He is more of a low post threat than anything else Dallas has.  He would allow Dirk Nowitzki to stay out on the perimeter and attack with jumpers.  He could make the Mavericks a lot more explosive in the post.

I would be shocked if the Pacers let Roy Hibbert go, however.  He is a restricted free agent and the Pacers will probably do everything they can to keep the big man under contract.  He will have more suitors than the Mavericks, but they would probably the closest team to contention to offer him.

I would have never guessed that Roy Hibbert would be getting big contract offers.  I guess size in basketball really does matter.  He wasn’t dominant in college or the pros, but he could easily make eight figures a year.  Go figure.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.