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Dallas Mavericks Star Dirk Nowitzki Plays Tambourine With Avett Brothers

Dirk Nowitzki has not had a lot to do since the Dallas Mavericks were eliminated from the playoffs.  However, he may have found a new career once he gets done with basketball.  Dirk was at an Avett Brothers show on Sunday night when he was invited on to the stage.   During their last song, Nowitzki grabbed a tambourine and just had a ball.

Who knew that Dirk Nowitzki had musical chops like that?  He looks really excited to be on the stage playing with the band.  The tambourine isn’t exactly the world’s most difficult instrument to play, but that did not stop him from having fun with it.  I think more athletes should loosen up like this and have fun at shows.  It allows them to connect with their fans and it can be a good PR move.

Dirk Nowitzki obviously had fun at the show.  I am sure that everyone in attendance also had fun watching Dirk join the band on stage.  That type of attitude can be infectious.  The Mavericks just had a down season and it would be easy for players to go into a shell.  Dirk laughs at that notion and decides to play tambourine with a band.

I imagine that Dirk Nowitzki wanted his NBA season to go a bit longer this year.  However, I think he is enjoying his time off to play with the Avett Brothers.  He enjoys the band and their music and I think he should play a couple more shows if he gets a chance.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.