Oklahoma City Thunder Assert Dominance, Show They Are Finals Favorites

By Riley Schmitt

The Oklahoma City Thunder continue to stun the basketball world.  After falling behind the San Antonio Spurs two games to zero, many thought the Spurs were going to roll to the NBA Finals.  However, the Thunder have roared back to win three and a row and set up a clinching Game 6 at home.  This means the Thunder have to be the favorite for the title.

The Oklahoma City Thunder just needed a couple games to get their feet wet.  Remember how young the team is.  Kevin Durant is 23.  James Harden is 22.  Russell Westbrook is 23.  This core is extremely young and they are just now figuring out how good they can be.  KD is showing that he is an absolute killer.  The Beard has no fear whatsoever.  Westbrook, well, he makes some good plays and some bad plays.

A lot of people thought this game was over in the third quarter when the Oklahoma City Thunder blew a lead and fell behind.  Then Durant took over.  In the fourth, the Spurs made a run.  Durant, Harden, and Westbrook combined to stem the tide before the Spurs could take the lead.

The way it is looking, the team from the Eastern Conference can not hang with the Oklahoma City Thunder.  They are too fresh, too young, and too talented.  Both teams in the East are beat up and going through a war every game.  The Thunder are ready to take that next step and become a dynasty.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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